Perfect pressure and pace. One of the best massage experiences - ever. Thank you.
— Deborah, California

2 words kept going through my mind: gentle & firm. Seems opposing views, but it isn’t. troy was so gentle - his kindness to me came through in his touch. His firm/ appropriate pressure was also part of his touch. Outstanding stretching - really pushed me to my limit - always asking if it was OK. Troy did work through any extraordinary tight areas - slow and steady - encouraged my breathing - encouraged my focus on my breathing to the tight areas. Great hands - kept contact with my body between transition which is very important to me. Could not have ask for anything better. Big smile - thank you!
— Linnea, California

Loved troy’s quality of touch. It was very strong, confident and intuitive. The whole experience was at the level of a very professional, almost sports therapy level. I’m scraping the corners of my mind to think of something to suggest, but the whole session was absolutely perfect! Thanks, Troy!
— Michael, California

Great flow and pressure. Released leg tension very well (actually, all feels better!). Exercises and stretches after were very appreciated. Leg and shoulder work very thorough. And accurate in location and pinpointing areas needing release. Thank you!
— Sue, California

Great strength/ great warmth of touch always kept at least one hand on me. I love that no break in touch. Wonderful hamstring stretches (mine are so tight). Very receptive to my tight spots. - calm demeanor, soothing voice, wonderful touch/hands. Thank you!
— Ellie, California